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Our Guarentees

All items supplied and fitted carry a comprehensive guarantee.


UPVC frames are guaranteed against the failure of welded joints and distortion in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications for a period of 10 years.


Glass-sealed units are guaranteed against the failure of the hermetic seals (misting between the panes) for a period of 5 years.

Damage or broken glass is not covered.


We cannot guarantee that condensation will be eliminated following installation and given no warranty in this regard.


Locking mechanisms, hinges, and moving parts are guaranteed for 1 year, excluding wear and tear to hinges, letter plates and door handles. Wear and tear is classified as, but not conclusively, discoloration, markings from usage etc.


Minor adjustments to windows and doors are carried out free of charge in the first 6 months only.  After this, a charge will be applied for call outs of £50, this will be as an upfront charge.


All fibreglass roofs are guaranteed for 25 years.

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